March Theme is Challenge Yourself. You and your teen will be given activities that will challenge you & items that will be reminders of how being challenged is a good thing. Order your box today!

What's in a Box?

BeYoutiful Box Monthly Subscription

The relationship between you and your daughter is unique. The BeYoutiful box will give you ways to strengthen what you have already established and give you ways to connect on levels you are not quite certain how. 

The BeYouTiful Box is just that - an easy way to connect with your teenage.

Each month's box is designed to give you ways to encourage your daughter to be herself!  With all the negative influences that surround her you want to ensure that you are giving her even MORE positive influences so those are the ones that top of mind to her when she is dealing with difficult situations.

Each month's box is different, but your box may include the following: a T-shirt, fun food to try together, conversation cards to spark meaningful discussion, ideas for fun activities to do together, greeting cards to encourage a friend or family member, inspirational letters, and an inspirational rock to be a reminder for your daughter to carry with her at all times or collect in her room.

The images shown are pictures of past boxes and not the exact contents of the box you will receive. Each month's box will be something new!