March Theme is Challenge Yourself. You and your teen will be given activities that will challenge you & items that will be reminders of how being challenged is a good thing. Order your box today!

Who Is Influencing Your Daughter More;

You or everyone else?


A Christian box for parents of tweens/teens

Encourage your daughter to be herself, build confidence and ensure a stronger relationship with your daughter.  Share a special box filled with items that are curated especially for the both of you. 

For YOU....

You will get tools that will help you navigate the tween/teen years without completely losing touch with your daughter.  

*Conversation topics

*Tips on what is going on in her mind

*How to react or not react when she says things that freak you out

*Activity ideas to do with her that will have her looking forward to the time spent one on one.

For Your Daughter

Bottom line, being a teen is hard these days.  Give your daughter items that will be anchors and reminders of how precious she is in God's eyes.

*Mindset tools*Jewelry *Word Magnets *Bags *Journals *Books *Music *T-shirts *FOOD *Inspirational items *Devotionals *Goal setting tools *Word Rocks *Locker Mirrors *Laynards *Cards to send friends and family quick notes *Self-care items(chapsticks, lotions, bathbombs etc) * 

Every Month has a different theme.

How it Works

1. Choose Your Membership

2. Receive Your BeYOUtiful Box

3. Dive In and Enjoy Your Box!

What's In Your January Box

In January there will be New Years Resolutions set across the world and while having goals is important we believe that God is in control of the outcome.  How special would it be if you could have a guided box that you and your daughter/s could set your goals together?

In this months box you will be getting:

-"Never Give Up"- word rock

-Tear pad that has goals and tasks list on it.

-Motivational magnet that can be hung on the fridge or in your daughter's locker

- Conversational cards and activity cards

-Laminated card that will guide you in setting goals together and keeping God at the center

-Letter to you, the parent, and to your daughter

- Special snack/food to try out together(great conversational piece as well)

At the center of every box there is a priceless bond you will be building with your child. 

Choose Your membership

Subscriber LOVE notes!

I loved the BeYouTiful box!  The best part was it gave us the space to truly be present for one another, learn new things about each other, and make memories. The best part for me was the conversation starters...the questions were worded brilliantly and my daughter really opened up. I am so thankful for the conversation it sparked because I learned about things that are in her head that I had no idea she was thinking. My daughter would say her favorite part was the activities - we chose to do YouTube hairstyles on one another. We laughed and had a lot of fun doing it. We can’t wait for the next box.”

Angela K

I absolutely love ❤️ my 
Be-You-tiful Box such an inspiration box being a single mother it meant a lot to me to have something my daughter and I loved to share together. I highly recommend the Beautiful 💕 Box to Mothers and Daughters Everywhere I promise you will not be dissatisfied. Thank you 😊

Tonia B.

It's a beautiful way for mothers and daughters to connect, communicate on serious topics, go deeper into emotions, celebrate each other and enjoy receiving gifts with this monthly subscription.

We can never have too much quality time with our daughters, let them know how much they are loved and do simple things to create more conversations and memories.

We love our t-shirts, scriptures, note cards, treats and special surprises that come every month!

Kelli C.